Bionic Punks Whitepaper

World lore

When the world evolved to accommodate enhancements to the human body, they called the people that used them 'Bionic Punks'. A lot of these punks needed the enhancements to survive, but there was an opportunity for them to do more.

Dr Ricky Punkworth was the pioneer of the research, a medical genius with curious stains on his lab coat, and a hidden desire for chaos. He'd created the Bionic Punks as a way of doing good for society, and it had certainly worked. But his chaotic cravings still remained unfed, growing like a hunger in his stomach.

His untamed self-control drove him to the development of a secret liquid, creatively named 'The Serum'. This serum held the power to change the Bionic Punks, to turn them into a new breed of enhanced humans. But Dr Punkworth wasn't going to release it to the world, he just wanted it as an option, so he locked it away under his desk, extremely secure…


Whoops. A cleric error led to 'The Serum' being distributed to the entire population of Bionic Punks. The bottle had a warning on it, but do people read instructions anymore? With nothing else to do, Dr Ricky Punkworth had to wait to see the consequences of his actions. Could the world see a population of Cyborg Punks?



At the very heart of the Bionic Punks project is a desire to make a difference in the world that we live in. Initially, there are plans in place to give a portion of our mint profits to charities that support differently-abled people. But further down the road, we'd like to extend our charitable reach to support other causes.

We've included this mission within our artwork, designed to create a positive image of differently-abled people in a popular and pixelated style. We've included a mechanic that allows our holders to change their NFTs, offering a moldable experience and longer-term utility and entertainment.


The main goals of Bionic Punks can be split into two points:

1. Give a generous portion of mint profits to charitable causes.
2. Create an immersive and entertaining experience for holders.

In doing these things, we aim to deliver the best possible experience for our community.


Industry Review and Revenue Potential

The revenue potential for Bionic Punks can be categorized into 3 sections, these are:
1. Generative art NFT projects.
2. Charitable Donations.
3. Long-term utility and entertainment.

Generative art NFT projects.
We saw their rise to success at the end of 2021, and it'll likely continue as we settle into 2022. Generative art NFT projects offer promise in a number of ways, which vary depending on the collection. Rarity scales give people a reason to invest, as they hope to mint a delicious profit. Unique visuals give investors the opportunity to claim their place as a part of an exclusive community.

They work not only because they're popular right now, but because they hone in on a number of our innate desires as humans. But as they continue, people are looking for more ways to indicate promise - which brings us on to the next point.

Charitable Donations.
There is undoubtedly a lot of money to be made from NFT collections, so there is no reason that a large portion of that shouldn't be given to worthy causes. The act of giving back creates a form of credibility, by showing potential minters and holders that your morals are correctly aligned and not driven by money.

Bionic Punks has chosen to support charities relating to differently-abled people. Our team has a medical background, therefore this cause is something that sits close to all of our hearts. But this is just short-term; with plans to eventually support other charities using our serum mechanic and collection collaborations.

Long-term utility and entertainment.
By introducing a mechanic that allows people to change the visual appearance of their NFTs, we're giving them the chance to enjoy the entertainment of our collection more long-term. People will be given a choice whether they want to change their NFT, essentially taking a gamble on the rarity of their personal design.

We're not just giving this chance once; eventually, we'll be giving our holders multiple chances to change their NFT and ending up with a varied collection of Punks of multiple varieties.


Fund Allocation

Each NFT will be sold at 0.2-0.3 ETH - the funds from which will be distributed accordingly.

40% will be given to our chosen charity/charities.
30% will be used to pay the team, and hire researchers.
30% will be used for the internal development.

All 10% of secondary sales will go into future development.