Is a pixelated collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

It's a project with a core mission, one that will not ever change: to make an impact on the world in whatever way they can.

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The project boasts a team with a medical background, and the artwork resembles bionically enhanced humans. The enhancements aren't just cliche movie-style changes, they're more medical - and there's an important reason behind that. The initial change that Bionic Punks seeks to make is to the lives of differently-abled people, and this will be done using a charitable donation of X% of mint profits.
But that isn't all they're doing; they have plans to keep their community engaged by offering them an interactive NFT experience. Not long after holders have minted their NFTs, they'll be given the chance to take a serum to change the appearance of their NFT and reset the rarity. This will be the first of many similar decisions, providing long-term entertainment for NFT holders.


Step 1 Community Building

The first stage on our journey will involve growing a community of people that resonate with our vision. As we've mentioned, we want to give a portion of our profits to charities that help differently-abled people. So, if you've got a good heart then you're in the right place.


Step 2 Charity Direction

Our vision for charity is simple, but we're allowing our community to get involved with that. We're open to hearing from you about which charity we should be donating to. If they help differently-abled people, then we want to hear about them. As a member of our community, we'd also like you to offer your support if you'd like to. Do you have an area of expertise that could help with our mission? Let us know.


Stage 3: Mint

We'll be minting 10,000 Bionic Punk NFTs to start with, these punks will have a series of X unique traits. You'll be given a rarity score based on the traits that your Bionic Punks possess, so keep your fingers crossed for something great!


Stage 4: The Serum

We'll be launching an initial serum that will turn Bionic Punks into Cyborg Punks. 'The Serum' will be available shortly after mint for all of our Bionic Punks holders. You don't have to take it - remember that! After our initial launch of 'The Serum', we'll be introducing a range of other serums that do other things to your Punks. They might turn them normal, or do something completely different.


Stage 5: Giving Back

As we've mentioned, we'll be giving a percentage of mint sales to our decided charities. We're going to be making a big event of this, so we can all come together and be proud of what we've achieved. Our event will likely be held in the Discord, which you can join here


Stage 6: The Future

We believe that the message our project sends is crucial; to help those who need it most. So, we'd like to collaborate with other projects in the future, offering a version of 'The Serum' for their own designs. We'll use profits from these collections to give back to other charities, and spread awareness in other ways.



Inspired by their decision to make a difference, Ranag started Bionic Punks as a way of giving back to a community that had provided them with so much. The rise of the NFT movement gave Ranag an opportunity to say thanks - and here we are.

Smart Contract Developer

Our smart contract developer is a certified genius, without whom this project would not be possible. He knows the ins and outs of what makes a good smart contract, and can easily notice when something isn't right.


Delivering the immaculate quality of our artwork, he is a crucial part of the Bionic Punks team. They have a unique creative flair that has really helped this project to become what it is today.

Marketing Expert

It's his job to get our name out there, and they're doing amazing work. With a background in marketing and a passion for growing a positive community, he is in the right place here at Bionic Punks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bionic Punks NFTs will there be?

The initial launch of Bionic Punks will contain 10,000 NFTs.

How much will Bionic Punks be?

Mint price will be 0.04 ETH for presale and 0.07 ETH for public sale.

When will they be launching?

The launch date is currently set for TBA.

How much will The Serum be?

The serum will have the same price as the other Bionic Punks.

How do I use The Serum?

Once The Serum is made available, a new page will be created on the website for those that wish to use it. Once you click the “Use Serum” button and pay the required charge, your existing NFT will be 'burned', and you'll be given a new Cyborg Punk.